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Production of Our Custom Logo Printed Promotional Rain Umbrellas and Patio Umbrellas

Production Methods

There are two ways we can customize your umbrellas:  Local Production and Overseas Production.  Local Production has smaller minimums and shorter lead times, but is more limited in design.  Overseas Production has unlimited design options, but has larger minimums and longer lead times.  See more details and images of each method of production below. 

Custom Rain Umbrellas: Local Production

Min Order: 24 units. Lead Time: 2-4 weeks. In this method of production, we add a print to an existing umbrella that we carry in stock in our Vancouver warehouse. Since the umbrellas are already sewn and constructed, we are limited to printing on the flattest part of the panel (the bottom centre of each panel). You can add creativity by having us write a clever or memorable message to print on the umbrellas. Browse our in-stock umbrellas here. See examples of Local Production umbrellas in the slideshow below.

Custom Rain Umbrellas: Overseas Production

Min Order: 200 units. Lead Time: 3-4 months. In this method of production, we create a fully customized umbrella for you at our factory overseas - from fabric colour to full panel, full colour prints. Since the fabric panels are printed before they are sewn and constructed on the umbrella frame, we are able to print anywhere on the panels. See examples of Overseas Production umbrellas in the slideshow below. Styles: Long/Stick umbrellas, Golf umbrellas, Compact/Folding umbrellas.

Custom Patio Umbrellas: Overseas Production

Min Order: 25 units for regular patio umbrellas; 6 units for offset patio umbrellas. Lead Time: 3-5 months. Completely customize your patio umbrella - from fabric colour to printing. See examples of Overseas Production patio umbrellas in the slideshow below. Styles: Patio umbrellas, outdoor umbrellas, market umbrellas, commercial umbrellas.


Our process for creating custom umbrellas is as follows:

Step 1: Get a Quote. Let us know which umbrella you want and show us what you want to print on it, and we will provide pricing.

Step 2: 50% Deposit. We require a 50% deposit up front to confirm the order.

Step 3: Mock-up. We provide a digital mock-up for your approval before we proceed with production. If you'd like us to provide a few different design/artwork options, ask us to include design services in your quote!

Step 4: Pre-Production Sample (only for overseas production orders). For overseas orders, we will provide images from our factory of the pre-production sample so you can check and ensure everything looks as it should. For local production orders, we do not provide a pre-production sample.

Step 5: Delivery. Your beautiful new umbrellas are delivered on time!