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Custom Umbrellas USA

Posted by Andrej Simunaj on

In cities where the climate is rainy and/or many people use transit or walk outdoors to get around, umbrellas make a popular and practical corporate gift. Cities in the US such as Seattle, Portland and New York get lots of rain and have lots of people walking outdoors in their downtown cores. A good quality umbrella branded with your company logo will be used over and over again, reminding the recipient of your company/brand with each use. Custom umbrellas are great for:

  • Corporate gifts: A "thank you" for customers or employees.
  • Office umbrellas: Branded umbrellas to keep at the office for employees' or guests' use on unexpectedly rainy days.
  • Conference gifts: Conference guests may not think of packing an umbrella for their conference.
  • Outdoor events or tours: It's a wise idea to have umbrellas on-hand when you are hosting activities outdoors.
  • Hotel guests: Guests often forgot to pack rainwear, so umbrellas are a necessary item to have on-hand in rooms for guest use during their stay.

Umbrellas are useful gifts for residents to receive, and practical items for guests of to use or receive, who might not be prepared for the weather!

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