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About Us




We are Canada's leading supplier of premium quality logo custom printed rain umbrellas and commercial patio umbrellas.  We can customize an umbrella for your business by adding your logo to one of our in-stock products, or by creating a completely customized umbrella for you at our overseas factory.  Our business model is unique - we manufacture our own products and sell them direct to the end-user (no middleman or distributor), allowing us to offer better quality and service to our customers.  Based in Vancouver, BC, we serve our hometown as well as Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and other cities across Canada.









The reason we manufacture our own umbrellas is so that we have total control over the quality and design.  We have paid attention to every detail - materials, colours, hardware, finishing, fabrics and handles.  Our umbrellas look and feel premium, and we guarantee you will be proud to have your company name on them. 

We have been manufacturing umbrellas for 10 years now.  We know what makes a quality umbrella and what doesn't, and we have the knowledge to recommend the perfect product to suit your needs.