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Cheeky Retail Collection

About the Cheeky Retail Collection

The Cheeky Retail Collection is where our business began.  When Cheeky’s founder Jen moved to the rainy city of Vancouver on Canada’s west coast, she found the majority of umbrellas she used were easily broken and boring to look at.  After talking to friends and colleagues and finding they felt the same way, she used her background in business to design, source and manufacture a retail line of durable, unique rain umbrellas that was launched in September 2008.  Today’s retail collection aims to brighten rainy days with colourful fabrics, unique designs and/or humourous or inspirational statements printed on them. A portion of each purchase is donated to charities that support mental health, with the aspiration of helping others look at life with a brighter perspective.

Charitable Donation

Many members of Jen's (Cheeky's founder and owner) family have been affected by mental illness at some point in their lives, so it is a cause that has a real personal connection for her.  As a result, she decided to donate 10% of the proceeds of Cheeky Umbrella's retail sales to organizations that support mental health in Canada.  Learning how to see the positive or brighter side of things is difficult for those suffering from depression, and we hope our donation can help more people to find that perspective.