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Gift Umbrellas


Corporate Gifts

An umbrella with your logo and/or branding on it can make a memorable and useful gift to give your customers and/or employees. 

Should I Give a Long or a Compact or a Golf?

Trying to decide which type of umbrella to give? In general, we recommend a Compact umbrella for occasional use and/or when folding to a small size is required (e.g. stashing it in a bag or purse in case of rain or for a trip/travel).  Our Long umbrellas have extra durability so we recommend them for someone who is going to be using the umbrella frequently, but needs a smaller size than a golf umbrella for agility (e.g. commuting to work, walking/shopping downtown).  The Golf umbrella is equally as strong as our Long umbrella but is a larger size for more coverage.  It is best for outdoor activities like watching soccer, playing golf, walking the dog, etc. or situations where you want to fit more than one person beneath it.