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Rain Umbrella Buyer's Guide


Why Should I Custom Print my Umbrellas?

An umbrella with your logo and/or branding on it can make a memorable and useful gift to give your customers and/or employees.  A good quality umbrella will give your customer/employee a good impression of your brand and it will last a long time, reminding your customer/employee of you each time they use it.

Should I Give a Long or a Compact or a Golf?

Trying to decide which type of umbrella to give?

  • Compact Umbrellas: We recommend Compact umbrellas when convenience and portability are the priority, since they fold up to a smaller size and can fit in a bag or purse.  E.g. For conferences and/or for travel or commuting to/from work. Of course, the downside of being able to be folded up small is that due to all the folding parts, they are not as strong and wind-resistant as Long or Golf umbrellas.
  • Long Umbrellas:  We recommend our Long umbrellas when strength and durability is the priority.  Since they have less folding parts, they are inherently stronger than Compacts.  Plus, the size of a Long umbrella is large enough to provide great coverage but not too large that it will be hard to wield in crowded/busy areas (like walking downtown).  The downside is it won't easily fit in a bag or purse.
  • Golf Umbrellas:  The Golf umbrella is equally as strong as a Long umbrella but is a larger size for more coverage.  We typically recommend them for outdoor events and sports (soccer, golf etc.)  The downside of these are that it is too large for walking in crowded areas (like downtown) and won't fit in a bag or purse.

How do your umbrellas compare to others?

You can read the specs on each product page, but here are some overall points:

  • Fabric:  Our fabrics range from 190T-210T, which is the density/thread count and shows its strength and durability.  The majority of our fabrics are manufactured by industry-leader Formosa, who make fabrics with the softest and most luxurious feel.
  • Frame:  Most of our frames (pole and ribs) are a typically a combination of strong steel and wind-resistant fiberglass.  Although aluminum is common for umbrellas and is lightweight, we find it is more susceptible to breakage (especially in ribs), and our customers prefer durability over weight.
  • Finishing details:  We take care to ensure we have high quality hardware (tips, buttons, handles, caps, etc) that looks good and feels good, and they all match with one another.

We always recommend our customers get a sample to review so you can see our design and quality in person, and compare to our competitors!