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Wind Vented Classic Golf Umbrella

Regular price CAD $40.00

This is the larger, golf-sized version of our top selling Long Umbrella. With its durability and lifetime frame warranty, it is an umbrella you will enjoy for years to come.


    • Steel shaft that adds strength to the umbrella.
    • Fiberglass ribs designed to bend and flex in the wind instead of snapping like traditional metal ribs that have no flexibility. See video demonstration of fiberglass ribs below.
    • Stain & mildew-resistant, durable, quick-drying nylon fabric
    • Reinforced tips on the ends of the ribs. The traditional metal tips on other umbrellas frequently come off and/or tear the fabric. These tips are designed to stay sewn on far longer and almost eliminate the tearing on the fabric.
    • Matte black straight handle.
    • Easy automatic opening.
    • Repairable Parts.  The umbrella is designed with repairable parts wherever possible without sacrificing the strength of the umbrella.
    • Lifetime Frame Warranty, meaning we will repair or replace your umbrella for its lifetime.
    • 30" ribs, 60" arc; diameter is approximately 51" when open; length is approximately 39"
    • Fabric colour options: Black/Grey, Navy/Grey, Hunter Green/Grey, Black/Orange, Black/Red, Black/Yellow, Black/Blue.